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Side way money it is great platform available who want to learnlearn share market. Share market is another way for earning.we guide step by step of market


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Basic learning of Share Market

Basic learning of Share Market

Share market is very complicated subjet, but today we are start to learn with easy way.we are discuss the information of Indian stock market with step by step. Who want to learn and invest in stock market, our blog is help them to guide.

A blog is about share a sharemarket knowledge.Side way money it is great platform available who want to learn share market. Share market is another way for earning.we guide step by step of market.our blog share knowledge of share marketmarket for new commer.share market is big book it is not learn in one day, it is doing well by practice and improveing knowledge. our experience of market can boost your knowledge.for success in share market you have to keep pations and have to follow some ruls of share 
market .we share with you how to learn and how to trade in share market. It is best way for making money by side way.every one can learn  share india two main stock is BSE and Second is NSE. BSE Means bombay stock exchane and nse means National stocks exchange. We discrib both exchane in our blogblog.learners can grow there knowledge through our commerce  have many questions in there mind. How to learn share market, where to learn share to trade in share market, what types of trade, how many exchange, what is bse what is nse etc. These all type of questions are solve with learning. When you visit this blog you get satisfied answer of all above question. We are to shars our best experience and knowledge. You can shourly improve your trading quality
Indian stock market is big subject we share basics of indian stock market.befor starting trade in share market you have to learn basic knowledge of share market, what is share market and how it will work ,You have to clear basics concept of indian stock market. It is good for making profit. Today we are discuss two topics. let's start with First.

What is share market

A share market is the platform of buyers for buy and sellers for sell stock.A stock created by compny or business of there ownership. Which is listed in stock collected fund through sell there equity in public exchange.stock market list of share of commen equity and security. We can trade not physicaly with stovk exchange.

How to work of share market

If you want to invest in share market befor you known how indian stock market work.
Basically company issues of share for collecting fund. They list there share in stock exchange.invester who want to buy stock of company, he must have to be registered with
 exchange throu stock brokers. stock broker authories agent with sebi.
We can buy stock or securities through our stock broker and sell through also.
Buying and selling of company stock in one place is called is stock exchange
In india two main stock exchanges are established, 

One is BSE-Bomby stock exchange

Second is NSE- National Stock Exchange.

Both are fully controlled and authorize with sebi

SEBI- The Securities and exchange bord of india.
Sebi is the regulator of securities in india .it is established in year of 1988

Stock market is very intrestig topic and we are discuss and learn step by step through our blog.if u want to like the artical please like and comment me for improving my blog . If you want to learn any topic kindly suggest throu comment. Thanks for readings our blog.
Next topics of share market is comming soon...

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